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From 50,00 €

par person, VAT included
*check price for groups


 Season; October - May

 Season; June September

Total time approx. 5 hours

In the mountains 3.5 to 4 hours

Starting times 06: 30h + 08: 30h

Difficulty - Beginner

Resistance - Normal

 Age - from 6 years

Accessible by car




  What is a via ferrata?

A via ferrata is an artificially created climbing path through mostly steep rocky terrain. Climbing is secured with wire ropes and pins, clips or ladders are driven into the rock as climbing aids, serving as fall protection when walking and climbing. A via ferrata also allows "non-climbers", without ropes, fast treadmills, and wedges with arms and legs, to scale steep passages.


  Does the activity take place in any weather?

Mountain safety depends a lot on the weather and its influencing factors: the amount of precipitation, heat, etc ... Safety has absolute priority. Sometimes it is only possible to predict at short notice (1 to 2 days) before the tour if the circumstances are right for the tour. As soon as we are sure whether the activity can take place or not, we will share the information with you!


  What are the levels of difficulty of the via ferratas?

The classic levels of difficulty for via ferratas, which we also use here on our portal, is the letter grade. Currently this goes from K1 (easy, suitable for beginners and children) to K5 (extremely difficult, only for climbers with adequate strength and endurance in their arms as they are heavily exposed to very small steps). In the middle there are gradations in the form of K1 to K5. The hardest via ferrata in the world is the Via Ferrata Extraplomix (extremely difficult!) Found in Gran Canaria.

  Do TICKETS and vouchers expire if an appointment is canceled?

No, tickets and vouchers are still valid. If an appointment is canceled, an alternative date will be arranged.

 How big are the groups usually?

Between 6-10 participants per climbing guide.

 Do I need prior knowledge?

No, the activity can be done without prior knowledge.

 I'm afraid of heights! This is a problem? 

Assessing yourself and sometimes growing a little beyond yourself is just as much a part as the wonderful views of the valley. You just need to do everything you really think you can. This is the only way to avoid putting yourself and others in danger. You should be able to climb through the staples without any problem. This via ferrata is considered easy, the guide will show you how to overcome the different obstacles without problems.

 Are there drinks and food on site? 

 No, just us and the mountain, you must bring soft drinks and snacks on your own.

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