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From 180,00 €

1 hour par Buggy, VAT included

245,00 €

2 hours par Buggy, VAT included


Season - All year

Total time approx. 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Starting times 10:00h - 18:00h

Difficulty - Beginner

Driving license B-1

Age - from 6 years

Accessible by car




What is a Buggy?

Buggy is a small one till six person off-road vehicle with four fat wheels. Being a special vehicle we must know the characteristics of what we are going to drive and know its driving behavior.

We will learn the situations that we may encounter during the excursion and we will see how to solve the different situations to act safely and enjoy the benefits that our Buggy offers us.
Driving a Buggy is not difficult or easy, it is simply a different vehicle than the one we usually drive every day. That is why it is important to understand the Buggy in order to enjoy it to the fullest and with absolute safety.


Avoid unnecessary risks

The objective of this driving activity is to learn and get to know the vehicle that we are going to drive and at the same time we discover its benefits and enjoy nature and its landscapes, respecting at all times any person we may meet during the tour and our flora and fauna.

Can I race with my Buggy?

It is necessary for the participant to be clear that they are not taking part in a competition, but that what we will carry out will be a sports/tourist activity. This means that we will start the activity in a way that allows the participant to know and adapt to driving the Buggy. The monitor will indicate the way to carry out the driving and the rhythm that best suits their level, as well as make some indications during the activity, in order to instruct the participant and at the same time correct the possible imprudence that he may carry out, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Depending on how the participants evolve, we will level up.

They are quiet excursions where safety prevails and in them it is intended that all customers are satisfied.

 What happens if I don't follow the guide's instructions?

The Buggy is a special vehicle and its main characteristic is that to get the most out of your driving it does not require speed, so:


 What type of route are we going to do?

Our excursions are very complete where we will circulate on asphalt, passing through the villages and wide forest tracks with ascents, descents, roads with inclines, river fords, etc.

 What displacement do the Quads have?

The Quads are 300cc. The difficulty of the routes will be adapted to the level of the participants.

 Do I need prior knowledge?

No, the Quads are automatic they can be handled easily and without much technical knowledge. You only have to have a valid car driving license B1.

How big are the groups usually?

Between 6-8 participants per guide.

 Are there drinks and food on site?

 No, but in our camp you can buy, you can bring soft drinks and snacks on your own.

  Do TICKETS and vouchers expire if an appointment is canceled?

No, tickets and vouchers are still valid. If an appointment is canceled, an alternative date will be arranged.

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